View Full Version : Virginia Beach show in late September

10-20-2003, 11:46 PM
Just wondering if I was the ONLY true Jayhawks fan who braved the post-hurricaine weather out at the beachfront. Although short, I thought the show was out of this world, complete with a local yokel pulled from the crowd to propose to his wench (she said yes) then the band dedicated "A Break in the Clouds" to the lucky couple. They also dedicated "Stumbling Through The Dark" to those of ous who were still without power

Gary wondered aloud if many in attendance even knew who the band is, and was pleasantly surprised by the roar of the crowd.

I was pleasantly surprised that "Tampa to Tulsa" received a rousing ovation. I know the band was.

Here's hoping a return trip to the area is in the cards for the band for the near future.

(P.S.) Someone get that setlist for the Va Beach gig posted..