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10-13-2003, 02:41 AM
Here's my write-up of the Pittsburgh show, it's not a typical write up because you all know the band is unbelievable and automatically had a great performance, I'm just gonna write about my adventures. I'm just writing this in snippets because I'm way too tired to form a comprehendible paragraph, let alone put things in chronological order.
It's 3:54 a.m. EST, my trip-odometer reads 304.6 miles, and I smoked two packs of cigarettes tonite!

*The doorman was cool enough to let me outside the venue to sell my extra ticket (either he was cool or afraid of me, one of the two) While I was out there, I was trying to sell the ticket for what I paid for it to recoup my funds, but for some reason no one wanted it? Then one guy showed interest, so I said "i just want my money back, I'm sellign it for the door price" and then I said "okay, 18 bucks". This old psuedo-yuppie had the audacity to say "How about 15 bux" and i said 'no sir i'm giving you a deal with the 18' and he said "no deal" and muttered something smart-assed to himself, so I said "alright pal, you wanna haggle? then let's haggle" and luckily the next guy in line needed a ticket, so I gave it to him for 15 bucks in front of the old yuppie!

*The acoustic trio performance in March was incredible, but this time just blew it away (i've never seen them live electric before).

*These two fruity closet-cases behind me at the show were waxing idiotic through the entire set. Their yammering was pissing me off They kept whining that they wanted to hear tailspin, they made my life hurt!

*heard a funny joke: Did you hear that whole tiger mauling sigfried and roy was a hoax? yeah no bullsh**t, It turns out that the white tigers are carniverous after all....they don't eat fruit

*I noticed that after hearing the crowd's reaction after they were done with a song, Gary would always smile to himself while changing guitars or drinking water. I think that's genuine gratitude for the fans, which is awesome.

*I noticed that Tim looks like an older version of Will Ferrell from SNL.

*It was awesome to see "better days" and "sixteen down" almost back to back

*The cover of "different drum" was freakin sweet!

*They turned "Sister Cry" into an omega jam session that was completely insane. Marc played bass with a bow and then a pipe-cutting hacksaw.

*Went outside and chatted with a few fans waiting by the bus...one guy asked me 100 questions about the band, which I answered with my arsenal of jayhawks knowledge and then he said "oh...so youre really into these guys huh?" I figured he asked that cause it might be off-putting to him to see a huge pierced and tattooed 21 year old firing off Jayhawks knowledge like its my job.

*Got to chat and get autographs with the fellas, they are hella-nice guys. Tim said "wow this pen is making me high, can I borrow this??" (referring to the paint-marker that I bartered off of some nice lady in exchange for a RDM poster

*Chatted with Gary, asked him about the "15 and a dime" lyricds in Haywire...he responded "oh geez...well...I don't know, I guess it's 'poetic licensing'....15 and a dime adds up to 25 cents, I dont think you can get a sandwich for that" Then I said "yep, that, that is definatly 25 cents...and no you can't get a sandwich for that nowadays"

*I must have ran over skunk remains on my ride home, cause my car smelled like dank, rancid skunk butthole the whole time.

*FYI, The coffee at rest stops on Route 79 N from pittsburgh to Erie is watered down and bunk!

OK I have database management systems class in about 4 hours....I've said my piece, hope you enjoy my stories...thank you and goodnight!

Anthony out!

10-13-2003, 04:02 AM
Great alternate review. At last Tim discovers a high really cheap.

10-13-2003, 11:44 AM
Well it was a fantastic show last night. Much better than I could have possibly imagined it to be. I always come away from their shows pretty knocked out by their performance. Every time. What Marc did with his bass last night... DAMN! I got pictures of that... they'll be up in a few days. But Tim refused to take a drum solo. Apparantly, he doesn't believe in that. Whatever... I still would've like to have seen it. Oh yeah, and I've converted yet another fan! Anyway, here's the set list from last night for those of you who are curious:

Stumbling Through The Dark
Jennifer Save Me
What Led Me To This Town
Take Me With You
Two Hearts
Save It For A Rainy Day
Better Days
Will I See You In Heaven
Waiting For The Sun
Sixteen Down
Bottomless Cup
Different Drum
All The Right Reasons
Tampa To Tulsa
Expecting To Fly
I'd Run Away

Settled Down Like Rain (acoustic)
The Baltimore Sun
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Sister Cry

10-13-2003, 02:02 PM
Sixteen Down > Haywire > Bottomless Cup !!!!

Plus Trouble earlier. That is really cool. 4 songs from SOL. Awesome.