View Full Version : Providence 10/10 review and setlist

10-11-2003, 10:04 AM
Here's the setlist for last night.This is actually copied from the setlist the roadie gave me and Steve signed after the show.

Stumbling capo-2 AC nash
Angelyne '' tele
Clouds SG steel
Take me '' ''
Better Days AC ''
Hairdo " tele
Waiting SG steel
Sixteen Down " "
Haywire " "
Reasons capo-2 AC nash
Tampa " stl
Blue SG AC
Tailspin " steel
Sister " "

This I copied off the setlist including which guitar was used on each song.
It says Jack at the bottom which I assume is a raodie's name and probably lets him know which guitar he needs to have ready.
Along the side of it is written Lupo's which is the venue.It also has a woman's name written next to Reason's which was dedicated to her.

The show was great although the vocals started out a little muffled at first.Lupo's is a cool venue but a little strange.
Gary seemed a little upset at first about the vocal problem but seemed to be in a good mood.He referred to the band as being "loved so much by so few" which was funny as hell.
I think he kept referring to the other guys using woman's names.Kinda weird.
The only other problem I heard was his harp being "way" too loud at times,but again Lupo's is a bit weird.

We did leave after the Hawks set,only because I'm nursing cracked ribs and was on meds.also.
But I'm kinda glad we did because we met Steve outside at the bus and he autographed a poster we "commandeered"off the wall and the above setlist.
He took a few minutes to talk and was really cool.He asked why we weren't sticking around to see Lucinda and when my wife told him about the cracked rib thing he seemed genuinely concerned and said thanks for coming out just to see a short set.
He also said he hoped I wasn't driving due to the meds.and we all had a good laugh.

So,that's my review,if anyone else was there and I missed something,lemme know.