View Full Version : Mark Olson at BBK Aretoa in Bilbao 20-11-2016

11-22-2016, 01:26 AM
Mark Olson played in my hometown last Sunday night. I got my ticket for the show just a couple of hours before the kicking off time. Three reasons for that, and in this order:

1) I have seen Mark "solo" some times, loved most, but the last time I saw him -last year- it was a quite depressing show. It was Mark and Ingunn with the help of a Spaniard on percussion. There was clear evidence that there was no vibe at all between the couple and the third musician, no glances, no signs, no introduction,...

2) This time was pretty much the same scheme. The couple and another Spaniard. This time the well known Ruben Pozo, ex-Pereza. It seems that somewhere in Spain, on his day off on his tour, Mark saw Ruben Pozo playing, liked him, talked, and suggested they both did something together. They checked their schedules, rehearsed for some days, and planned this tour.

My worries were that if it didnīt work out at all the trio last year, what were the chances of a good show this time even if it was a new trio this time? What it is more, the review I had read about their show on this tour in Madrid the previous Saturday reinforced my suspictions. More or less what happens when you try to mix oil and water.

3) The last reason: Athletic Club, my beloved football team was to play home at the same time. So, I had to decide: Mark or Athletic. Mark won.

And I am glad it did. Because it was a very good show. It started at 20:00 oīclock sharp with Mark, Ingunn and Ruben on guitar. This lasted for three songs and played Markīs songs. Then it was the turn for just Mark and Ingunn for 20 minutes. After that, they went off stage, and it was Rubenīs turn for 30 minutes. For the last part, it was the trio again. Played together some Rubenīs songs and ended up the show with Markīs songs again.

This time, and it is something for the scientists to work out, water and oil mixed!!!!

Donīt ask me for the setlist. Mostly they played songs from Markīs last album, some Jayhawks songs - Blue, Over my shoulder, Pray for me, Two Angels, Black Eyed Susan from Mockingbird Time, ...- Say You will Be Mine,...

The sound was excellent and the evidence that the three were having a great time was clear to me. Mark looked so happy that he even asked the audience if they could play one more song! And that is something I value.

I talked to Mark a bit after the show. Looked great, and it seems that a new album is on its way.

So, a great year for me. Two Jayhawks in September, and Markīs show in November.:)