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09-03-2016, 02:01 PM
So, my first live Jayhawks experience since Madrid 2015, and first time seeing the new material live. No surprise, but they didn't disappoint...

So, first things first, the setlist (One of the crew gave me Tim's copy after the show, and there was a potential TTGG and Bad Time listed which were not played. I have put a pic up on twitter of the setlist but left those 2 off so as not to frustrate people!):

Waiting for the Sun
Leaving the Monsters behind
Somewhere in Ohio
Stumbling through the dark
Quiet Corners ad empty spaces
Tampa to Tulsa
Devil is in her eyes
Two hearts
Big Star
Comeback kids
Bottomless cup
All the Right Reasons
Lovers of the Sun
Save it for a Rainy Day
Nothing Left to Borrow
I'd Run Away
Settled Down Like Rain (Gary solo)
Broken Harpoon (Gary solo)
Angelyne (Gary solo)
I'll be your key
I'm gonna make you love me

This show had sold out shortly after going on sale and although the Brudenell is not the biggest place (but I've seen some great shows there!), and has a small cramped stage, it did make for a real intimate feel to the whole show. The new songs came across so strongly and all got great receptions for the crowd, except for Ace which got a notably muted response - the only one of the night. Of the new album songs which were not played, I had hoped for Isabel's daughter and Dust of long dead stars, but its safe to say that the songs they aired belong in any Jayhawks set and will rightly become set staples.

Crowd favourites included Blue, Save it for a rainy day (in fact all the RDM tracks), Smile and opener Waiting for the sun with the (now familiar) extended intro.

For my part, I took along my 75 year old uncle who I have just recently introduced to the band. He has bad knees, so I got us there early to snag the only raised seats, which meant we caught most of soundcheck. If we'd gone home after that he would have been a committed fan for life (they didn't play any song in full but played parts of Monsters, NLTB, Devil, Ace) so needless to say he was raving about the show the whole journey home :)
("They're not good, they're bloody brilliant!" he was telling everyone :) )

IMHO standout moments were a 4 song stretch of Big Star ->Trouble -> Comeback Kids -> Bottomless Cup which was just sensational. (The SOL stuff still stands up and my only wish was that a few more songs from that album got worked into the set. There were also quite a few people shouting for Haywire throughout the evening) Another highlight was Monsters, which is just a great way to showcase early on everything which makes this band so special. Chet had some issue with his guitar at the start of the song, so they had to abort and re-start - and Gary took this as the opportunity to introduce the newest member of the band :) They also then repeated the last few bars of Waiting for the sun so they could go straight into Monsters - and that reflected the tone of the whole evening, the band was relaxed and in obvious great spirits (Gary was asking if they'd been to Leeds before, and was reminded they had in 1995. At the end he said he'd remember for next time!) Somehwere in Ohio, where Karen had to extend her keys intro until Gary was ready with his guitar and again brought smiles from everyone when he said after "it should be such a simple and beautiful intro......" NLTB and a really energetic I'd run away to close the main set also stood out, although in truth there wasn't a weak spot. I must admit as someone who likes Ace, it was slightly disappointing to hear only a ripple of polite applause after it was played - particularly since I think it worked really well live, but I guess that's how it goes. It was genuinely the only muted response of the evening and it was good for the soul to hear so many genuinely enthusiastic and positive comments from people leaving the show.

All in all, a great night and I cannot wait until I see them again on Wednesday when I head down to London to see the second of their 2 nights there. If I got the same again I'd be delighted - if they could throw in Dying on the vine (they didn't play it at the show I caught in Liverpool on the 2014 reissue tour, or in Madrid the following Spring when I flew over there to see them but included it in many of the other shows :( ) and maybe a Man who loved life, well I'd be super, super happy!!!


09-03-2016, 02:50 PM
Thanks for the great review, Martin! love everything, but especially the part about your uncle. What is it about the Jayhawks that makes us share with friends and relatives their music? Good for you, band! Nobody gets disappointed! Just the opposite! a bunch of friends will gather on the 24th of September for lunch and after all the food, drink and fun will see them at Antzokia in Bilbao. And on the 22nd I will fly to Barcelona to see them there.

09-03-2016, 05:23 PM
You wont be disappointed & from the shows I've seen in Spain (Wilco, Jayhawks) the fans are super passionate and really show the band how much they love them.