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06-10-2016, 01:39 PM
Hey out there. Anyone from the board attending this show and want to meet up prior for drinks, crowding the front of the stage, and perhaps a little screaming?

06-14-2016, 08:27 PM
sorry i haven't been on the boards much lately (ok or ever)
but i was at the show in boston last night - it was my first ever jayhawks concert and it was SOOOOOO great!!!!!!

i'm trying to remember all the songs they played - this is what i have so far - not in order!!!!

Waiting for the Sun (Opened with this)
lover of the sun
Quiet corners
Leaving the monsters behind
devil is in her eyes
Key (i'll be your key) (forget what title is)
Lies in black&white
Comeback kids
Tampa to Tulsa (wow!)
stumbling through the dark
All the Right Reasons
Settled down like rain
nothing left to borrow
i'm gonna make you love me (possibly the closer)

many (5??) were encores. 2(?) of which were gary solo acoustic. i THINK one of whcih was "all the right reasons". possibly trouble or settled down like rain was the other. sorry i can't remember now! saw people taking videos i hope somebody posts some : )

had a wonderful time, and met a couple friendly folks from NH&Montana, and 2 local (mass.) folks who said they'd never heard of the jayhawks but came for folk Uke.
oh yeah folk Uke was very good too. i'd heard cathy guthrie play one folk uke song 10 yrs ago during arlo guthrie's family tour. they (cathy&Amy) were very friendly after and signed my friend's CD that she bought.

for others there - please help me fix my setlist!

06-15-2016, 12:13 AM
What a set list! The band has never been finer! I can't wait to see them back to back this weekend in DC and Charlottesville!

06-28-2016, 08:15 AM
Hi Zany, I took a photo of the set list, but I never really focus too much on them, always way to mesmerized by the on stage action. How exciting to hear that was your first Jayhawks show! it was a great concert wasn't it? plus, the venue was tops and the crowd was really into it, dancing and everything. Best of all of course, the music, it was perfect.