View Full Version : Rocky Mount VA

05-18-2016, 01:42 PM
The Tuesday night show was really fun and the quality of the performance was superb indeed. The band had a great time and the audience was very appreciative. Pretty much the same set list from the Pittsburgh show. I asked them to play ACE and they did! Rough start but it finished really well. I can't remember a Jayhawks show that was this much fun. So glad I drove the 4 hours to the middle of nowhere Virginia to see them play. I thought I'll Be Your Key was just pure magic. That song really tugs at me and Gary puts so much into it. You know Chet is a great addition. He added so much to the show in a variety of ways. A very fine pedal steel man too. One thing is for sure about this performance was that you could really hear everybody in the band and the little nuances of the Jayhawks sound was out front for everyone to enjoy. Right down to the train horn for ACE. Karen, Perleman, and Tim were having a great time! The Harvester Theater was a pleasant surprise. Great sound system, comfortable seating, and not a bad view anywhere in the house. The people that worked the theater were so friendly and kind. I thought I was on the set for the Andy Griffith Show and instead of the Darlings playing it was the Jayhawks. If you haven't made plans to see the Jayhawks do so right away! They are in top form.