View Full Version : Au Pair - St. Paul - Feb. 6

02-07-2016, 01:06 PM
Au Pair
Turf Club
St. Paul, MN
Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016

Waiting For The First Time
King Of The Valley
Middle Distance
One-Eyed Crier
In Every Window
Make An Entrance
New Deal
Night Falls Early
One-Armed Candy Bear
O Henry
Empty Quiver
Starman *
Sullivan's Ghost
Five O'Clock Shadow


The Partisan #
All The Right Reasons ~
Murmur %
Working Girl ^
Beautiful (?)
It Ain't All Good (?)
Baby On Trial

* David Bowie
# Leonard Cohen
~ The Jayhawks
% The Old Ceremony
^ Gary Louris (Vagabonds bonus track)

(Sacred Roots, feel free to make corrections/additions...) ;)

02-07-2016, 07:44 PM
I thought it was a great show. They were having lots of fun onstage.
They've got chemistry and their voices sound wonderful together. Would love to hear more Au Pair stuff in the future, Django is a great creative collaborator for Gary.

There were a couple funny exchanges w/ Karen, who was in the audience.
Too bad she didn't come up and play on Gary's synth.

Wasn't quite sure what those 2 songs were in the encore. Django sang lead on both.

The "It Ain't All Good" song was a hilarious country song. (That simple description isn't doing it justice!)