View Full Version : Benefit tonight in St Paul w/various Jayhawks

sacred roots
05-07-2015, 01:53 PM
There's a benefit show in St Paul tonight at the Turf Club for the Kill Kancer charity (started by Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller's widow) featuring a full set by "Kraig Johnson & David Poe & Friends." At this point the "friends" are Jim Boquist, Ed Ackerson, drummer G Wiz from NYC with assorted Jayhawks sitting in at various points. Also on the bill: Sam Cassidy, Trailer Trash and American Scarecrows.


05-08-2015, 09:42 AM
That was a rollicking good time.

I introduced a friend of mine to Ed Ackerson's smokin' guitar skills last night. Halfway through the show, she leaned in and said, "You were right. That guitarist does NOT suck." If you're unfamiliar, go buy some Polara or BNLX records. The guy is amazing.

I guess I'm getting to be an old pro concertgoer, because I can get first name recognition and warm handshakes from Boquists and friendly nods from The Unofficial Mayor of Saint Paul Martin Devaney at shows now :D

Louris guested on rhythm/lead guitar (Craig's old beater) on "Beautiful Mind" and "If I Only Had a Car" and Perlman played mandolin for much of the set (was that "Freight Train" that had the tearing mando solo? I can never pay enough attention in the heat of the moment).

David Poe's songs were quiet but excellent.

Jim Boquist plays bass like an animal. When he was onstage with Son Volt, he always played in staid fashion - I have no doubt due to Farrar's laconic stage presence. But at the Turf with his Twin Cities pals, he bounces around like a kid. The whole band, in fact, was obviously in grand spirits for the duration of the 50 minute set. After "Beautiful Mind," EVERYBODY lined up next to me leaned over to each other and said - independently - "Well, THAT was worth the price of admission right there."

Good to see old board denizens, as always. We should do this more often, even in our old age.