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04-12-2015, 03:32 AM
What a fantastic night we had yesterday! Last time The Jayhawks had played in Bilbao was in 2012, and obviously it was a gig to forget.

But I am saying that we had a great time, and I say that for two reasons. The first is that they put on a great show for 95 minutes. And the second is what GARY ANNOUNCED: WE ARE MAKING A NEW ALBUM. I talked to Gary after the show and yes, he confirmed that, they are making it. It might take a while, since they are still writing. Talked to Tim, Marc, Karen and Kraig as well, and they all looked enthusiastic about the project. It is always a pleasure to talk to them.

It was a fantastic day. Lots of friends gathered for lunch, a long lunch before the gig. The weather helped. It was one of those sunny mild spring days. So, with all our spirits high, we went to Antzokia, the venue. This is the third time The Jayhawks play at this venue. First in 2001, second in 2002, and the third last night. We are very lucky to have this venue in Bilbao, lots of great gigs any time. And one more thing: it is the second time that Gary makes an announcement in this venue. The first was in 2008 in the Vagabonds solo tour, when he publicly said that the band that made TTGG was to play a gig in September that year at the Azkena Festival in Vitoria/Gasteiz.

Last nightīs gig kicked off at 11:00 pm and finished 95 georgous minutes later. Good vibes, very good vibes surroundig the band these days. They sounded tight, very tight.

Set list Bilbao Antzokia April 11th 2015:

-Iīm Gonna Make You Love Me
-Ainīt No End
-Stumbling Through The Dark
-Big Star
-Nothing Left To Borrow
-Somewhere in Ohio
-Save It For A Rainy Day
-Man Who Loved Life
-Tampa To Tulsa
-Waiting For The Sun
-Settle Down Like Rain
-Until You Came Along
-Iīd Run Away


-All The Right Reasons
-Bad Time

Some highlights:

There are many. But, again, we all got very impressed with Tim. How he plays the drums for sure, but the way he harmonizes is amazing. And his part in Ainīt No End or his fabulous Tampa To Tulsa is a treat.

Loved to hear live played for the band Trouble or Nothing Left To Borrow or Man Who Loved Life.

WFTS was one of the best moments last night.

Karen is priceless. To see her playing, smiling, harmonizing is a big pleasure. Some of my friends are familiar with the band but not so much with its members. They all came up with the same impression: They are very down to earth.

Garyīs vocals and guitar, as always, marvellous.

And Marc, and Kraig, and ...

Gary said that and I agree. They need new songs, and we are lucky because there will be new songs!

Donīt know about other parts, but it has to do with encores. It seems to me
that encores are not any more something audiences get by asking or shouting or clapping. That way audiences try to make concerts longer because they are enjoying them. Nowadays, audiences donīt ask for encores, just wait for bands to come on stage again and play a handful of more songs. These songs are not an extra any more, just part of the gig most of times. In that sense, it was funny yesterday to see Marc on stage again before the encores urging us to ask for them.

All in all, I am making this too long. Thanks The Jayhawks for coming, playing and beeing so friendly.

04-12-2015, 05:00 PM
Sounds like a great show - some nice change ups to the Madrid set.

Enjoy the other shows you are going to.

04-13-2015, 03:04 PM
Your enthusiasm never makes it too long, Joserra! :)

I logged back in here especially to see how you got on at the show as I know you are not a Facebooker. Delighted to hear that you all had a fab time!

All the best to you and the family from myself and Sharon. :)

04-14-2015, 01:21 AM
Great write-up Zeb. I could almost see and hear it! Much good news from these guys.