View Full Version : Collingswood, NJ 10-25-2014

10-26-2014, 03:44 PM
Iím Gonna Make You Love Me
The Man Who Loved Life
Stumbling Through the Dark
All the Right Reasons
Think About It
Looking Forward to Seeing You
Take Me With You When You Go
Settled Down Like Rain
Somewhere in Ohio
Bottomless Cup
Waiting for the Sun
Jennifer Save Me
Broken Harpoon
Last Cigarette
Tampa to Tulsa
Iíd Run Away


Tailspin Inbred version
Ainít No End
Big Star
Two Hearts
Until You Came Along

I really enjoyed this show and seeing my friends there. It was fun for me to see the Golden Smog songs performed, and also "Last Cigarette." "Smile" was a personal highlight for me as I was very much in the mood to hear that song. I thought Gary's hat and beard for the Inbred Tailspin was pretty funny! I also enjoyed the openers Trapper Schoepp and the Shades. They joined the Jayhawks for the last song.

NY Fan
10-26-2014, 09:22 PM
Sorry to have missed this. >:-(

Looks like it was a great show.