View Full Version : JAYHAWKS @ The Orange Peel, Asheville, 10-19-2014

10-20-2014, 07:57 PM
Yours truly met up with carolinagirl (Sandi), and fisheye (Mike) at a fine brewpub right next door before the show. Always great to meet another fanpager, Sandi, who gets to see a couple of shows in a row. There's also a fanpager (a confessed lurker-only) from Florida named Jay who was there with his buddy who's nickname is actually "The Hawk".
As for the concert, well, I am certainly biased--a great show, though Asheville's numbers were down very likely due to a weekend-long "L.E.A.F." festival in the area, with a zillion bands. We stood up front and thoroughly enjoyed it all, right in front so the sound was awesome.
The Smog numbers included "If I Only Had A Car" and "Jennifer Save Me" :):):). Milwaukee-based Trapper Shoepp opened and did a terrific job, and their fiddle player, came up to fiddle with the Jayhawks for a few numbers.
A highlight for me was when they did 'Bad Time', and Kraig traded with Marc, letting Perly rip off some tasty guitar solos. What a wonderful surprise. Even Gary was jealous... :D What a lark though, really, as Gary's in fine form and voice too, and Kraig's really adding to the sound. This lineup is really exciting, and I hope something makes it possible for me to catch them again...
Personally, I was very homesick seeing and hearing the sounds of where I used to live, so every song was very special, and for sure, my voice is hoarse today.

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
The Man Who Loved Life
Stumbling Through The Dark
Drivin' Wheel
Think About It
Take Me With You When You Go
Bottomless Cup
Queen Of The World
Jennifer Save Me
If I Only Had A Car
Save It For A Rainy Day
Waiting For The Sun
Looking Forward
Last Cigarette
Tampa To Tulsa
I'd Run Away

Tailspin (you know, the inbred version)
Ain't No End
Bad Time (which features some badass lead guitar by Marc Perlman!!!)

10-21-2014, 02:58 AM
Pearly laying some gee-tar licks? Just looked on YouTube, nothing posted. Would love to see that.

10-22-2014, 05:58 PM
Pearly laying some gee-tar licks? Just looked on YouTube, nothing posted. Would love to see that.

Sorry, I'm not a taper or a filmer, and for shame. Perly's no slouch on guitar. Perhaps someone taped or even filmed. It was delightful, and just part of a very fun atmosphere you get to experience with this lineup. They know their parts, they know how to have fun, they love their fans. You can't go wrong.

10-23-2014, 09:34 AM
Hey JoMama, sounds like you had a great time with Mike and Sandi, wish I could have been there, and I know about LEAF, being a Irish Set Dancer and lover of Folk/Roots music - all the better to have the place to yourselves, plenty of arm swinging room. My heart was touring The Variety Theatre in hot'Lanta on the 20th :).

I am now at the northern portion of the Appalachians, but, I still feel akin to what goes on in your neck of Appalachia.