View Full Version : CSNY 1974 Starbucks CD

07-21-2014, 10:49 AM
Okay, I slid into Starbucks because I was away from my local coffee shop. There on the counter was one remaining copy of CSNY 1974 'Starbucks Exclusive' 12-song acoustic performances. It also says "Includes full album download" so I scooped it up.
It doesn't include the full album. The download consists of that very CD. It says you need a PC to obtain the download, but gosh, a PC has a place to insert the disc and download it anyway. Here I thought I was getting a scoop of the box set. Nope, just an exclusive collection culled from the box, and the download is of that same disc... :o
That said, it's a terrific set of classics anyway, but I think most folks would rather have the whole box set...