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07-02-2014, 06:05 PM
I spent yesterday digesting the great music and today I've spent time to read all the great musing PD (Sacred Roots) had to write about these amazing musicians.

On my reading of the SOL notes, I would've added one thing (in bold italics) on the third paragraph: "While the name issue was still being debated - we can all be thankful that early project names like 'Six Green Olives' AND 'Orange Wallet' never gained serious traction".

I solidly remembering repeating that one to Gary during the Golden Smog pre-show at the Showbox in Seattle and he gave me a not-very-serious-choice-of-name response/look on that one. :)

Great work on all of this!!!!

07-02-2014, 06:51 PM
So, part 2 of my musings:

I expected PD to do all the liner notes, but Bob Ezrin did a great job of the ones on Smile. My first thought was when he mentions how many tunes Gary and the band had going into this album and how great the bonus tracks are on this reissue.

I know the SOL album didn't have much to mine, but it sounds like I would've really loved this one to be a two disc issue....

Also, how was "A Part Of You" not used for this record!?!?! It's amazing. I take that over "Pretty Thing" and "Wildest Dreams" pretty easily.