View Full Version : opening for LW in ATL 9/24

09-29-2003, 12:51 PM
Was anyone else there? We were thrilled how many people seemed to be there specifically for the Jayhawks. I'm really, really bad at recalling setlists, but here's whay my friend remembers:

Angeline, Save it for a rainy Day, Tampa to Tulsa, etc, and a few from Hollywood Town - Waiting for the Sun, and From Tomorrow the Green Grass they did I'd Run away and of course, Blue. They also did Sister Cry which I have never heard 'em do live before.

In fashion-news, Gary was sporting a fanTAStic denim SUIT! Looked vintage, with a black tshirt underneath - sorry for that girly news, but he really did look fantastic.

I'm hoping they'll gain some new fans from the opening slot and we'll get another tour in 2004.

Anyone else have a more coherent, less fashion-related reveiw?

10-15-2003, 04:54 PM
Yeah, I was there. The sound was a little sketchy to start out the show. It was crystal clear for LW. Never really cleared all the way up for The Jayhawks. It might have been where I was standing. I thought they seemed rushed and a little out of their element. I'm so used to seeing them at Variety. But you know, that's the kicks. It just felt to me that they knew they were the opening band. They're too old to get too fired up about playing for new folks, and all that seemed to show through. I've seen them about 7-8 times, and this was probably my lest favorite show. I still thought it was wonderful, just not as magical as usual.