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The Bugmon
09-24-2003, 03:00 AM
A couple of bits/mentions about the 'Hawks in the Indy this week

a link to one

a funny(peculiar) review (transcribed by me so hopefully right)

"Whatever other quibbles one may have with the Jayhawks, they cannot be accused of failing to stick to their guns. Despite a history reaching back nearly 20 years to the beginnings in Minneapolis, and only slightly fewer changes in line-up than Chealsea* can look forward to this season, their musical vision has hardly swerved, remaining resolutley fixed on a point roughly half way between Sweet Heart of the Rodeo & Radio City. Someone makinig The Jayhawks Acquaintance tonight would never guess that there's more than a decade between Take Me me with You (When You Go), from their wonderful HTH, and say , The Eyes of Sarahjayne, from the no less gorgeous RDM. It seems that nothiong less than armed intervention would prevent The Jayhawks from producing gloriously tuneful and impeccably harmonised country rock.
The comings and going in the bands' ranks have left the group dominated by principal song writer & guitarist GL - who, in turn, is dominated by an unruly mop of curly hair that often seems precariously balanced.
Louris brings to the stage an unusual contrast in styles - a a gentle folk singers voice with a Gibson SG. Unsurprisingly, but annoyingly, it takes a few songs to find a balance between the two:there's nothing much wrong with Louris's guitar playing, but if there's one thing you go to a Jayhawks gig for it's the harmonies, and the vocals in the first few songs tonight all but inaudible, at least from the first floor gallery. Any momentum toward a truly memorable evening is lost by the time the sound settles down, during a lovely version of Buffalo Springfield's 'Expecting to Fly'.
It doesn't help, that for all thier years on the road, the Jayhawks are hardly natural showmen. Granted, Louris has made the effort to get himself a nice suit; but they are the kind of band who are apt to get lost on stage, especially on one as vast as the Empire's. It seems a strange conclusion to come to about a group equipped with all the accoutrements of the great bar band - electric guitar,lap steel,chugging electric piano, a substantial collection of exquisite songs - but the studio seems the most productive habitat for The Jayhawks, and stereo the best means to appreciate them."

* Chelsea - english football team backed by Russian billionare currentley buying alot of players.

09-24-2003, 04:49 AM
Originally posted by The Bugmon
Granted, Louris has made the effort to get himself a nice suit


Originally posted by The Bugmon
but they are the kind of band who are apt to get lost on stage, especially on one as vast as the Empire's.

Vast stage!?!? I thought the stage was kinda small...

NY Fan
09-24-2003, 03:34 PM
This goes from being a delightful piece to a series of backhanded compliments. I guess this guy is a fan? Seems harsh to belittle the mix when that's the soundman's fault, and then imply that the non-Louris 'Hawks lack stage presence.

Unfortunate, if reading this piece provides your introduction or first impression of one of the greatest live bands I know. At least he said a few nice things, but I can't understand how you could imply that the album versions of RDM, for example, are superior to the live versions we've heard this year. (And I love RDM, but the live stuff is KILLING these days...)

-- GM

09-25-2003, 04:37 AM
NY Fan, it's the type of journalism that is the sad norm here in the Uk at the moment, sarcasm and negativity apparently sells papers. Reporters wouldn't want to get caught being too enthusiastic about something that's not totally cool.

09-25-2003, 05:04 AM
Yeah its a sad fact that its becoming cool to not like anything in the UK press anyway! I thought the "i'm too cool for anything" attitude passed most people when they reached the age of 13?

Tbh the first time I heard any Jayhawks CD I thought its good, but nothing specatucalr, but after seeing them live I very rarely listen to anyone else, so I dont see where he is coming from that they are poor live.

after reading the first line tho:

f they'd changed their name from the Dixie Chicks to the Chicks With Dix, they could not have caused more of a stir deep in the dark heart of Texas

altho funny, made me loose any respect for the review! A comment I'd have expected from The Sun, but not the Indendant.

09-25-2003, 04:55 PM
The person who wrote this pile of trash is a jackass. He really has no idea what he is writing about. The Jayhawks are one of the best live bands I've ever encountered.