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09-15-2003, 04:11 AM
Entered Tivoli last night at about 8.15 pm and was surprised to see how many people were inside! Ok the balcony was closed and the support band had apparantly just started to play, but I never expected so many people to arrive so early. I had never been in Tivoli before, but it is comparable to the Melkweg or Paradiso in Amsterdam although these two venues have much more class. The stage in Tivoli is also a lot smaller.

I was at one of the bars with 2 friends at first but we decided to go up front a bit and after the Yearlings were finished we found a nice spot on the left side of the floor, under the balcony. The Jayhawks started exactly at 21.30 with Stumbling Through The Dark and Angelyne. I didn't keep notes so I'm leaving the setlist to someone else but we got wonderful versions of Tailspin, Save It For A Rainy Day, Two Hearts, I'd Run Away, Blue and Expecting To Fly ("my favorite song of all time" according to Gary).

I thought it ended all to soon after some 70 minutes with Tailspin. Of course they came back for the encores, but with just 95 minutes on the counter this is my shortest Jayhawks show. As one of my friends said after the show "it was much louder than in may". Yes it was indeed, Gary did some outstanding solo's. This way I can understand the rumor of him joining Van Halen, still an interesting thought!

Too bad I can't make it tonight 'cause besides some minor sound problems it was another wonderfull Jayhawks show!


09-15-2003, 04:15 AM
uhh, I think we were typing a thread the same time there, wilco. I saw you were logged in...

09-15-2003, 04:29 AM
Right! I expected your review Lenno, guess I just beat you :D
Maybe you can fill in a couple of holes, like the IMHO ugly t-shirts I forgot to mention or the Women's Club CD that was available. And maybe you grabbed the setlist?