View Full Version : Berlin 8 Sep 2003

09-14-2003, 05:20 AM
Columbiafritz - an old cinema - is a perfect location for concerts.
very good acoustic. met some friends, had a beer or two stood front stage. the stage was filled with a lot of guitars, a pedal steel and drums, but no keyboard.
the Jayhawks hit the stage about half past nine. very soon it came through there is one of the best alt. country bands in top-form. four musicians played very concentrated, perfect and very professional. songpearls, played with a lot of passion, poured from the stage.
I had some problems with Rainy Day Music in the beginning. in the meantime the cd had grown and took its place right between Tomorrow the Green Grass and Hollywood Town Hall. the lack of keyboards does the sound pretty good.
The new songs were performed with a lot more rock inside, straight, without gadgets. harmonies to make stones cry. (although i missed Marc Olsons voice)
Marc Perlman and Tim O'Reagan a perfect rhythm section. Gary Louris great on acoustic and electric guitars. but the big surprise was Steven McCarthy (ex Long Ryders). astonishing guitar-work on pedal steel and lap steel and electric guitars. he played a minor role in the studio. but i hope he will be a full associated Jayhawk soon. what a night. sorry to say that the show
was too short (about 100 minutes).
got the chance to meet the band after the show. they signed my cds promised to come to Vienna next time, and talked a lot about Vienna, Berlin, music, life on the road,....
early in morning, on the way back home to Vienna, clouds beneath the plane sunrise on the left and
Tim O'Reagan still in my ears:
and the driver just smiles
with every mile he's closer to the arms
of the woman who loves him
Tampa to Tulsa, one layover