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09-04-2003, 07:44 PM
Just got back from a great gig at Manchester Academy. The first time I have seen the Jayhawks live electrically (saw them in Sheffield earlier in the year on their acoustic tour). The venue was OK, not the best I have been too, but not the worst either.

The support band were Grand Drive, who were very good. Similar style to the Jayhawks, and they went down well with an enthusiastic crowd.

The Jayhwaks played a 22 song set, over 90 mins or so. Most of the old favourites were there, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Highlights were:

1. Broken Harpoon - requested all night, and played in the encore (although not planned).
2. The reception to All the Right Reasons ..(" From the train in... Manchester, England")
3. What seemed like a 10 minute version of Sister Cry, wher gary went mad and played riffs for ages.
4. Gary's crowd walk at the end of the show.
5. They were selling T shirts, and more importantly, the "Live at the Women's Club" CD for a tenner.
6. I managed to capture an acoustic version on Waiting for the Sun on my digital camera moviemode!

The sound was excellent, Gary's voice was stunning, as was his guitar work (especially when the SG came out). Tim and Marc were solid (although they seemed a bit subdued), Tim's vocals were excellent. Stephan's slide seemed a bit quiet at times, but had some nice licks - they were also joined by various memebrs of Grand Drive for some songs too.

The set list (not in order unfortunately)

1. Stumbling through the dark
2. Angelyne
3. Take me with you when you go
4. Somewhere in Ohio
5. Eyes of Sarah Jayne
6. Sixteen Down
7. Sister Cry
8. Two Hearts
9. Tampa to Tulsa
10. Save it for a Rainy Day
11. Settled Down like Rain
12. I'd Run Away
13. Blue
14. Big Star
15. Bottomless Cup
16. Life Floats By
17. Nothing Left to Borrow


18. Waiting fo rthe Sun
19. All the Right Reasons
20. Broken Harpoon
21. Haywire
22. Tailspin

A great night.

09-05-2003, 05:05 AM
The actual setlist was:

Stumbling through the dark
Take me with you (when you go)
Somewhere in Ohio
Sixteen Down
Two Hearts
Eyes of Sarah Jane
Save it for a rainy day
Tampa to Tulsa
Sister Cry
Settled Down like Rain
I'd run away
Bottomless Cup
Big Star
Life Floats by

Waiting for the Sun (Gary solo acoustic)
All the right reasons
Broken Harpoon
Nothing left to Borrow

As the previous poster said, it was a very good show. Broken Harpoon was a crowd request, and I'd run away was probably the best received song.
A reasonable turn out, but by no means full, which is a shame since they haven't played Manchester since the SOL tour, but hopefully it won't be as long before they return.

My only slight criticism of the Newcastle/Mc'r shows is that I do not think that Life Floats By is a good song to end the set on. Peresonally, I think they could pick a better song, and maybe finish on Blue or Big Star. But like I said, it is a minor point.


09-05-2003, 05:12 AM
I can't really add much to that Hotpot...Nice report !

Yeah, another top 'Hawks gig. Highlights for me were 'Big Star', 'All The Right Reasons' and the ever-wonderful 'Broken Harpoon'.....Oh, & the delivery of more copies of 'Live at the Womens Club' cd's that Gary announced towards the end of the gig! Got me one o'them babies at last !!

What a brilliant, brilliant band......Second now only to Rush in my affections !!.....


P.s. Grand Drive were excellent too !

09-05-2003, 06:01 AM
WOOHOO, roll on the 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-05-2003, 08:38 AM

Me and four others attended the Manchester show last night. It was superb! Frst time we have seen The Jayhawks, and Grand Drive for that matter. - Big fans of both. The setlist was great, and their response to the crowd's requests was excellent. Infact they played on about 10 minutes after closing time which was cool!

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get our hands on the live CD. (If anyone has a spare copy they'd like to sell, please get in touch!). We did however hang around until the very end when Gary Louris came down to the merchandise stall! It was cool meeting him and we got our ticket stubbs and t-shirt signed! What a way to end the coolest gig I've seen! Gary said he was amazed that they had sold all the live CDs, as he'd just delivered an extra 50 copies at the beginning of the show!

Not much else to say really. Can't wait 'till they return to Manchester!



09-05-2003, 05:04 PM
What happened to 'Expecting to Fly?' After it was played at Edinburgh I was looking forward to hearing the electric version after an excellent acoustic version in Sheffield.

Got four Women's Clubs after only having had a burned copy for ages. Will be passed onto people who missed out at Edinburgh.

Great show - although certainly the heaviest I've heard in a good number of tours.

09-05-2003, 05:27 PM
I missed expecting to fly. i was glad when they played it in edinburgh. i love that song. but at edinurgh, it didnt get that great a response, so maybe they thought theyd play it safe?