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10-08-2002, 11:13 AM
Clouds, Waiting for the Sun, Blue, Baltimore Sun, Ten Little Kids, Martin's Song, NLTB, See Him on the Street Today, Settled Down Like Rain, Two Hearts, Sister Cried, Real Light, Miss Williams Guitar

This is/was one of those european boot's that we used to sell at the record store from time to time. It comes from a radio broadcast so the quality is perfect, even the intro in sweedish is fun to listen too. It's from the Tomorrow the Green Grass Tour, and has Karen on keyboards (Vic dosen't appear to be on this one). This is one of the most traded shows from the era and anyone who dosen't have it should find someone willing to trade or B&P the show for members.

There are a few highlights for me: Ten Little Kids is a favorite and has great vocals blending with the Keyboards and Gary's fuzzy guitar.
NLTB is great as always and the line "Didn't you feel so wise for awhile..." really rings true.
See Him on the Street Today is another lost but not forgotten song from the day, this version is as heartfelt as it gets. "People call it suicide why to see him on the street today" makes me think back to all the fucked up years I had shooting dope in coffee house bathrooms.
Sister Cried is unbelieveable 2 solo's from Gary make the sandwich and Karen's Key's are the meaty filling.
Real Light is out of control, pounding, bashing, ringing in my ears "Keep my real light shining...shining on" almost like seeing the Dead play Lovelight a great climax to end the show.
Miss Williams Guitar is the final song on the disc and it's a beautiful rendition "I remember watching her play and the whole damn crowd seemed so far away...oh so far away" That's what Mark must have felt like and the reason he wrote the song. What a great way to pay tribute to someone it's really too bad he dosen't play this one for an encore to let the beer drinking public know how he truely must feel about her. Agape love is the willingness to give totally and freely of oneself, sacrificing all else to be a part of something greater.

They played 3 nites at First Ave in July of that year w/Vic and then a outdoor concert with Soul Asylum. I have audience recording of the first 3 nites from the Club and they were awesome, I don't know if any of these shows were DAT/Matrix from the board so if anyone has them I would like to upgrade my copies...

10-09-2002, 05:03 PM
Yes, I agree, Sweden 3-29-95 is an INCREDIBLE boot...not only does it sound great, but the Swedish speaking announcer makes it SO unique and definitely adds a lot to the desirability of owning a copy of this show. Jayhawks are referred to as "Yayhoks"...Ya gotta get this one if you don't already have it.....:cool: