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10-04-2002, 09:41 AM
King of Kings, Take me with you, Out of Days, Cool Cool Water, Sister Cried, I'm Still Dreaming, Waiting for the Sun, Martin's Song, Warm River, Leave No Gold, Two Angels, Red Firecracker, The Baltimore Sun, Nevada,California>Wichata. encores: Dead End Angel, Up Above My Head, Aint No End, Will I Be Married

JAYHAWKS '91 were an awesome band. I remember going to this show because it was about 2 blocks from the tiny 400 Bar where you could catch the band on a weeknite for about $4.00 cover. This was the big time a huge open bar high tables on old wooden risers and a corner stage right at the end of bar that creates a bottleneck before you can get to the back of the club. The soundboard is upstairs through a obscure doorway right inbetween the bathrooms. At this time Larry from the Suicide Commandos is the in house board tech. I went to the show with Kate and Wally, he is the soundboard tech for Run Westy. Larry shows us upstairs into the tiny booth for some pre-show favors and I'm totally primed for the show.

King of Kings for an opener, sweetness gotta love anything they'll play from the Bunkhouse LP. It's erie how Mark sings "I don't have to warn ya, there's a black cloud a comin', skylines coming down, fires in the East, People get ready, meet the King of Kings"
Cool Cool Water is different than Break in the Clouds a little faster and a different chours and 2nd verse. "Just a smile and a stone cold mess, like cool cool water running down my back. Well I'm down to my last ciggaretes and a head of lousy beer, but I tell her keep the gravity that's falling off my chair, So I painted a pretty picture and I hung it on the wall, but it's hangin kinda crocked there, by the dark and empty sofa, just a smile and a stone cold mess...
Sister Cry is next wow what a great version this is "It just don't matter what the people say!"
I'm Still Dreaming now I'm yours is a great country rocker time to get another giant can of Fosters and take a leak.
Waiting for the Sun, Gary takes over for the first time, we all like to see Gary sing and he seems to be writing a few songs that will become the soundtrack for future Jayhawks lovers to come.
Mark then introduces the next song as "Warm River" but Gary steers him into "Martins Song" then they play it, Leave No Gold is another old tune played live but never recorded a real rocker here to be sure.
Two Angels kills, it's no wonder Def American wanted it on the Hollywood album.
Red Firecracker is a Gary song with great harmonies from Mark, his uptempo guitar strumming is omni-present in the mix but you hear Gary clearly in left speaker playing monster leads, his forceful sharp strokes, bang and bash, belt out the notes as if they were stationary in mid-air.
Nevada,California into Wichita this is the real deal here folks over 8 minutes of classic Hawks blend of northern roots rock we've all know to love and cherish, kinda like church. Mark is swooning onstage for the lovesick cousin that never wins, Gary chimes in "Can you help me to find???" looking, searching, longing for someone "The last thing I did, was I tried to hold her" Gary's solo's are picture perfect, free and jangley then cringing with a howl and roar as the strings vibrate, he struts and pops back into the song.Then it's right into Wichita without missing a beat. This song is dark, take a message to the evil land but be careful with your pockets torn and yer mouth gets dry. Squatters rights, and by crook and fire, man the landscape sure has changed the new stuff works everybody into a frenzy; Gary has another monster solo from the deep end lookout everybody!!!
Applause and rejoicing, more beer and encores!!
Dead End Angel wow another Gary song from Blue Earth LP his quick jabs on the Gibson flaunt his now nimble fingers. Forewarning to everyone. "All the police carry guns"
Up Above My Head is next, a traditional of sorts that they will release on the european singles for HTH. Mark, not to be outdone sings loud and forcefull: "Up above my head,I hear music in the air, Up above my head I hear thunder in the night and I really do believe,and I really do believe there's a heaven somewhere!"
Aint No End is next man this is the version I like best: Gary on the first verse, Mark on the second. Floating on a river of sound as we hover and stare at the remarkable poise of these musicians. If there is a soulmate for everyone, then there must be a soulband too. Jayhawks '91 is just that for me, everything I've always loved about music is as clear as day when I think back about shows, and the life I've led. Music has always been a big part of the landscape of our lives and I'm proud to say the Jayhawks are part of the soundtrack of mine.
Will I be Married ends the show. Lost in the timeless beauty of the band this nite will last forever in our minds, as we say our goodbyes and make the half sober parade to the car Wally and Kate ask me if I had a good time? "Hell Yeah I say this is why I moved to MPLS..."

10-05-2002, 01:06 AM
Sigh, when this show happened, I was 13 years old and didn't even know the Jayhawks existed.

Thanks very much for posting this review. I find it interesting to read about the Minneapolis bands from this time period. I'm sure it must have been very cool to live in Minneapolis during that era.

Sarah :)

10-06-2002, 09:17 PM
a few notes:

Out of Days = Pray For Me

Warm River = Take Me Down To the

(Olson introduces the song as "Warm River", but on most tape/cdr lists,
it's known by the other title, like the
Madison 6/90 show, the HTH demos, etc)

Cool Cool Water = Stone Cold Mess
(again, it's more commonly known as
Cool Cool Water, but Gary introduces
it as "Stone Cold Mess" at the 7/91
show in NJ and if you've ever looked
up Gary and Mark's song publishing
info at bmi.com, that's what it's listed

10-22-2002, 11:13 PM
I'm so frustrated that I didn't even know about the Jayhawks back then....that was an incredible era for the Jayhawks....thank goodness for bootlegs of the old shows tho...it's the only way to permanently seal the historic moments such as these in stone! I wish there was some old old video out there somewhere...my oldest Jayhawks video is around '93 I think. It'd be cool to see a '91 or even late '80s one. :cool:

11-15-2002, 05:24 PM
Euro singles review: Don't think this is on any of mine but I'd need to go digging around in a couple of bags to be sure and that scares me.

Up Above My Head is next, a traditional of sorts that they will release on the european singles for HTH

Beer review: Fosters?! FOSTERS?!?!?!! Shockaroonie! Minging stuff, just minging! Still, any port in a storm.... ;) *glug glug*

11-16-2002, 05:34 PM
"Up Above My Head" is on the
"Waiting For the Sun" single

11-17-2002, 06:21 AM
Originally posted by CaffeineZombie
"Up Above My Head" is on the
"Waiting For the Sun" single

And also the infamous, elusive European TTGG "Disc 2"

11-17-2002, 06:43 AM
"Up Above My Head" is on the "Waiting For the Sun" single

Okay, now I'm gonna have to delve into the depths of my bags full of cd singles which I haven't done for many a long year. God only knows what I'll find. Scary.

03-17-2003, 03:51 PM
This was my first effort at writing a review of a show over 10yrs old...I though it would get the ball rolling for ppl to write their own reviews of shows they have or can remember...:D

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Hello. i think it is the best forum of Jayhawksi've found so far. I'm a new fan of Jayhawks. Not that old enough to be called a FAN but u may call me a good listener. have a lot of fun.

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