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02-24-2008, 08:15 AM
I finally got to see Mark Olson! I came kind of late to the Jayhawks - Mark was already gone by the time I discovered the band, and I figured I'd never get to see him singing any of those songs.

There was an in-store at Good Records, but I got held up with my mom at the dialysis center, and then traffic. By the time I got to the record store Mark was long gone. I had planned on picking up a copy of Gary's record anyway, and they had the bonus CDs as welll, so the trip wasn't a total loss.

The show was at a place called All Good Cafe, and it's run by a guy who is something of an icon in local music circles. He's run several clubs in town and is very enthusiastic and supportive of live music. The All Good is a real cafe with a full dinner menu, so I decided to go on over there, hang out and eat dinner, and grab a good seat. I was very glad I did. While I was munching my pasta, Mark & co. sauntered on to the stage for sound check - about 10 feet from me, I was like a giddy schoolgirl. They fiddled around, played parts of a couple songs, then they launched into "Pray for Me"!! Played it all the way through - to the appreciative applause of the dozen or so earlybirds. I was so glad I didn't go to Mickey D's!

There was an opener - a young local guy named Todd Deatherage. Very engaging kid. What looked like his entire family was sitting at a large table next to me. He mentioned what an honor it was to open for Mark Olson, and I noticed that even though his family left, he stayed for Mark's entire set, and made a point to thank him afterwards. I don't know if this is customary, but it made me think that either he is a big fan, or his mama taught him good manners.

Mark came out and played a setlist pretty much like what everyone else has listed. Surprisingly, Pray for Me wasn't in the set, so I was tickled that I had gotten to hear it earlier. There was the typical murmur of recognition with the opening chords of Blue, and the song sounded great of course. Michele and Ingunn are amazing. Michele's violin skills are remarkable, and he is a charming stage presence as well. Ingunn's voice blends with Mark's so well on songs that need the high harmony sound. I was just in awe the entire time.

The only disappointment was the sparse attendance. By the time Mark took the stage, there were probably only about 40 or so people in the place, and I'm sure at least a few of those were "on the list". I did notice a couple of local musicians in the house, notably Brent Best (Slobberbone, Drams), and I think that says something about the level of respect Mark commands. There wasn't even the usual hum of conversation one usually finds at Dallas shows - the crowd was utterly attentive, so that was a nice change of pace. Mark, of course played with enthusiasm, and it appeared that it wouldn't have mattered if there were 40 or 40,000.

Typically unassuming, Mark came off the stage, plopped down at a table and started chatting. I was able to get a picture and my copy of HTH signed - I got Salvation Blues off iTunes, so nothing to sign. I did ask about the next thing - the record and tour with Gary. He said the record sounds real good, and that they had planned a short stint on the east coast. Logistically, the east coast is easier and more cost effective - lots and lots of people in a more confined space. That's disappointing to those of us out here in the hinterlands, but I understand the logic.

Well, I've rambled on too long. It was great!


02-24-2008, 09:01 AM
Well, I've rambled on too long. It was great!

methinks you done just fine, thanks so very much! :)

As for 'east coast dates', all I can say is "east coast my ass, get your tails here in the midwest where y'all's come from, say amen somebody...

02-24-2008, 09:13 AM
Great post, sounds like you had a real good time! Best to your mother too.

Precious Time
02-24-2008, 10:54 AM
Much appreciated as always!

02-25-2008, 09:46 PM
Such a nice post sybilskelton, thanks for sharing! So glad you got to see Mark O. it's wonderful, huh? : )

Beth Sage-Weber
02-25-2008, 10:21 PM
and I say AMEN!!!!!!

02-25-2008, 10:34 PM
I meant to mention earlier - Mark noted that one of the amazing things he'd discovered in Texas was Lone Star beer. He said it seemed you could drink about 14 of them without getting very drunk or suffering any ill effects.

I didn't have the heart to tell him - the stuff's made out of armadillo piss.:eek: :D

02-26-2008, 09:54 AM
That's funny! I kinda took to a local beer in Mpls - Grain Belt - but Jedey was telling me it wasn't particulalry a highly thought of local brew. Out-of-stater's eh? Can't live with us, can't make us drink good beer.

02-26-2008, 06:47 PM
That's funny! I kinda took to a local beer in Mpls - Grain Belt - but Jedey was telling me it wasn't particulalry a highly thought of local brew. Out-of-stater's eh? Can't live with us, can't make us drink good beer.Grain Belt was the beer of old men when I started drinking.:p

02-26-2008, 08:08 PM
That's okay - I'm an old man these days!

02-27-2008, 07:13 PM
That's okay - I'm an old man these days!I thought you were younger than that now.:rolleyes:

02-27-2008, 07:14 PM
No, just younger than YOU ! :D :p

02-27-2008, 07:30 PM
No, just younger than YOU ! :D :pMost are.:(