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Smile Reviews Online

The Big Takeover "This is a CD so accomplished that it easily rises above labels and stands next to Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs and The Flaming Lips' Soft Bulletin as a progressive pop milestone."
Pitchfork "...this is one of the finer, genuinely happy albums of the year." Rating: 7.5
The Daily Vault "Smartly imagined music that aims high, dares much and succeeds brilliantly." Rating: A
PopMatters "... Smile merely crystallizes why they are great with a capital G." Rating: 9.0
Salon.com "..the music opens it's heart and lays bare it's ambition..."
San Francisco Bay Guardian "...the songs are rife with peaks and valleys, catchy lyrics and infectious melodies. And if there's any justice, every one of them will be a hit radio single."
CMJ New Music "The Minneapolis group's most unabashedly pop-centric recording to date."
Playboy.com Four bunny review! Remember you only read it for the articles and Jayhawks reviews....
Inkblot Magazine A glowing review of Smile .
The Onion Mixed review, but if you haven't ever had the pleasure of reading The Onion, check it out.
VH1/The Wire "The set's sound is shiney, clean and radio friendly..."
Wall of Sound File under: Pure pop for now people. Grant Alden rates Smile 90 out of 100.
Sonicnet.com "Hello Yellow Brick Road" Bud Scoppa's glowing review of Smile .
Consumable Online Another rave review...
USA Today Three and a half star review (out of four) from this national paper.
The Guardian Five star review from this UK paper.
Rollingstone.com Britney on the cover wearing the star spangled banner and a two star review of Smile inside. Hmmmm....

Rainy Day Music Reviews Print

Gear April 2000-Three out of five stars
Maxim May 2000-Two out of five stars
St Paul Pioneer Press Three and a half stars (out of four).
Entertainment Weekly "These Minneapolitans are famous for magnificent melancholia, so fans may feel trepidation when album no.6 commences with a couple c'mon get happy pep talks. Don't worry: They'll bring you down later, and in the loveliest way...." Grade: B
US Weekly May 22, 2000-"Alt-country pioneers keep ambling on with an ambitiously evocative album." Three out of four stars
Pulse! (Tower Records mag) June 2000-"...the Jayhawks return with an album beaming in epic country-rock grandeur." Four out of five stars
Q Magazine July 2000 #166- "Bob Ezrin's blue chip production adds finger popping loops (Ohio) and psychedelic swirls (Break In The Clouds) though generally leaves the band space in which to essay their classic chord progressions, pristine CSN&Y harmonies and timeless melodies." Three stars (David Shepard)
Mojo July 2000 #80- "Such a lazy afternoon/Eight shades of grey and I can taste the rain." This, from What Led Me To This Town, is a typically beautiful Jayhawks lyric, and the typically beautiful lyric is one reason they're magnificent and one reason they've never totally cracked the mainstream; thoughtful, poetic, adult music seldom troubling the hit parade an' all. On Smile they're addressing that, moving away from the urgent moodiness of their superb last album...towards a radio-friendly version of what they do best." (Jim Irvin)

Fan Reviews

Live Reviews

Letter From LA Review of the HOB show on 01/20/01. Published in Record Collector (Japan)
The Jayhawks: Hollywood House Of Blues New Music Express review
Matchbox Show Just Ordinary The Jayhawks outshine the headliners in this review from The Columbus Dispatch .
08/19/00 Central Park Summerstage musictoday.com review.