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Blue Earth, Minnesota

"Hitchhiked back from Blue Earth, she's not alone anymore..."

Blue Earth is a town, county and river in south central Minnesota. The Native Americans who originally lived in the area gave the name "Mahkota" (meaning Blue Earth) to the river that runs through the area because of the blue/black clay found on the river banks.

Blue Earth town sign

"Our grass is legal" : )

Jolly Green Giant Blue Earth is also home to the world's tallest Jolly Green Giant statue. Thought you'd want to know.

Hollywood Town Hall

The Township of Hollywood is located about 25 miles west of Minneapolis. The "Town Hall" building was a one room school, built around 1906 and it remained a school for close to 70 years. It was then used as a voter precinct and town hall . A local man made the Hollywood Town Hall sign which was hung above the door. The building has not been used since 1991. When I visited there recently with some friends we were lucky enough to get a tour and a bit of history from a local, Ken Johnson, and his mom and sister. They just happened to be there cleaning up inside. They hope to raise enough money to restore it so it can be used as a reception and meeting place. They have nothing but good things to say about the Jayhawks. The money that was paid to use the town hall for the record cover and video helped pay for a new roof which was leaking badly and also repair to the foundation. This sparked the hope that the building could be used again.

Hollywood Town Hall and CD

The Hollywood Town Hall

The Hollywood Town Hall

inside the Hollywood Town Hall Inside the Hollywood Town Hall. Ken Johnson and his mom (who taught in the building when it was a school). Some of the original old desks are stacked on the left.

C.C. Club

The C.C. Club is mentioned in the Jayhawks' song "Big Star": "...Rude remarks observed in the C.C. Bar..." and an old Jayhawks song "C.C. Club Rag (I Got High)". For any Replacements fans, it is mentioned in the song "Mr.Whirly" and part of the video for "Achin' To Be" was shot there. It is located at the corner of 26th and Lyndale across from Treehouse records (formally Oarfolkjokeopus) in Minneapolis.


400 Bar

The 400 Bar is owned by Bill Sullivan, a former road manager for Soul Asylum and the Replacements. He sang "The Cowboy Song" on the Golden Smog album On Golden Smog. There are lots of cool photos and memorabilia up on the walls and it's a great place to see bands. The Jayhawks played here in the early days and bassist Marc Perlman has bartended here in the past.

400 Bar

Uptown Bar

Another place that the Jayhawks (and also Golden Smog) used to play. The Jayhawks' first gig was played here in February of 1985. Gary was not yet in the band but it was after that first gig that he offered to replace the departing Steve Retzler. It is located at 3018 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

Uptown Bar

First Avenue / 7th Street Entry

You know the concert scenes in The Artist's Purple Rain? Well, they were shot here at First Avenue. This is the place where the Jayhawks play when they're in town now. They used to play at 7th Street Entry (the door to the Entry is to the left of the arrow on the left side of the photo) which is very small. Both First Ave and 7th St.Entry are great places to see a band.

First Avenue/7th Street Entry

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