The idea behind this page was to identify some of the Jayhawks' guitars and other gear. I can only give an elementary ID so if anyone can provide more specific information I'd be happy to give you credit. Thanks to John P. Duffy, Flin Coleman, Don Toye, Tom Morgan, and Blake for additional information...

Amps, etc.

Bass, drums

Gary Louris playing a Danelectro guitar Guitar god Gary on his throne. Guess they've got Danelectros in heaven. This photo appeared in the April 1995 issue of Guitar World.

Gary names some of his favorite guitarists: "...Cliff Gallup, the original Gene Vincent guitar player. And then Scotty Moore, and Link Wray, and a lot of the early rockabilly guys. And then from there, I was always a big Jimmy Page fan-more than Keith [Richards] even. I like Keith, but I like Jimmy even better."

Gary on his guitar playing: " I definitely like things raw and gutsy, which is why Neil [Young] is one of my favorite guitarists. But I'm really not much of a jammer. I'm very self-conscious about doodling. I like to sit down and figure out a part that fits with all the other elements. That makes for strong guitar melodies, but makes playing live a little boring, because once I have a part down, it seems like that's the part."

More on his guitar style: " I'm just playing leads off of major chords. That's different from most rock lead guitar, which is working out of blues runs. I like that too, but sometimes it gets a bit cliched."

From the July 2000 issue of Guitar Player: "I've never been a real fan of technique that much. I'm more into feel, sloppiness, and tone."

Gary playing his Gibson SG 1967 Gibson SG Standard. This guitar was once owned by '60s Minneapolis garage band The Litter (their song "Action Woman" is immortalized on the wonderful Nuggets box set).

Marc checks out the SG It's probably not a good idea to drop an SG but luckily this one survived. Marc makes sure it still plays as Kraig and Gary look on.

Gary playing his Hamer Flying V Hamer Flying V

Gary playing his Fender Telecaster Fender Telecaster

Gary and his cherry red Rickenbacker Rickenbacker

closeup of silver Epiphone Epiphone Riviera

Gary's Bonanzinga guitars

Marc playing Fender Jazzmaster Fender Jazzmaster (pre '67?)

Kraig playing his Squier Telecaster Squier Telecaster

Marc strums a Gibson acoustic Gibson acoustic

The July 2000 issue of Guitar Player contains information about the gear used to record Smile. A '63 Gibson J-200 was used along with a '97 Fender Telecaster Plus and Kraig's '80s Squier Telecaster on "Somewhere In Ohio." Kraig Johnson on his Squier: "My Squier Telecaster is one of the very first made by Fender. Not a lot of people know this, but Squier Teles from the early '80s are made from old American Fender parts. That's why they sound like old ones-and serve up a traditional Tele twang. It's not just a budget guitar. Every time I bring the Squier to my guitar tech, Blake Hurlbert, for some work, he always says, 'Yep, that's a good piece of wood!' "

The April 1995 issue of Guitar Player listed the guitars, etc. used in making Tomorrow The Green Grass. "Mark Olson- Epiphone acoustic, Fender Jaguar through a funky Danelectro amp. Gary Louris- Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face, Crybaby Wah, '68 Gibson SG, Silvertone hollowbody, '65 Telecaster Deluxe through Fender Tweed Bassman and Deluxe amps." John also believes either Gary or Mark used an Epiphone Coronet on TTGG too.

Amps, etc.

Bass, drums